Expense claims going online

We are pleased to report that the issues that caused delays to the launch of eExpenses are now resolved and the system was made available for departments within the Social Sciences division from 18 October 2021. They will act as early adopters so we can check the system is working as it should before making it available to the remaining departments and participating colleges from mid-November. Each individual college and department can choose when to start using the system for processing expense claims and when to stop accepting the existing offline form, which will be retired at Easter 2022.

This means that if you are claiming expenses from an academic department, one of the colleges introducing eExpenses (Kellogg, Reuben, or St Cross), Continuing Education, the gardens, libraries or museums (GLAM), or any of the central UAS departments you will be able to submit these electronically via eExpenses, and they will be checked and approved online.

Your department or college will advise when you should start using eExpenses. Look out for emails containing important information regarding go-live dates, how to access eExpenses, and where to find guidance and help for using the system

Further information is available on the Finance Division website