Good natured

Our Oxford podcasts series continually surprise and delight us, and we were pleased to find these engaging and fascinating podcasts about nature and conservation. 

Good Natured is filled with uplifting chats that shine a light on conservation challenges. In each episode, an inspiring conservationist is interviewed. Guests come from a variety of backgrounds – artists, scientists, business owners, and activists – and engage with conservation in lots of different ways. We hear about their challenges and successes, and their hopes for the future of nature. 

Back Garden Biology is a fun and informative series helping us to explore what's on our doorstep. Of interest to anyone over the age of five, this series is recorded in a normal garden in England and is packed with things to see right now. We find out about such fascinating things as why our world is filled with green, all about insects, bees and pigeons, and so much more. Take some time and venture out into your back garden with a new view. 

Like these podcasts? Our Oxford podcasts website has much more, and it's not all about nature.  You can find out about music, science, literature, health and so much more!  Take a look and see what’s for you.