Making a Green Impact

The IT Services Green Impact Team has been enthusiastically undertaking focussed initiatives around the department with the goal of creating change, both actual and cultural. This achievement has been recognised with IT Services being presented with the Green Impact scheme Bronze Award, by the Vice Chancellor Professor Irene Tracey. 

Achieving the award

Newly formed in January, the team has been promoting a culture change to improve the sustainable practices and behaviours of our department. 

In order to achieve the Bronze Award, the team had to meet certain criteria and provide evidence of activities and achievements within a specific timeframe. Fortunately, with the problem-solving skillset of IT staff on the team, this was business as usual but with a green focus. 

Achievements contributing to the Bronze Award include: 

  • Supporting pollinators by installing a bug hotel 
  • Planting perennials, wildflowers, grasses and shrubs in the gravel area near the bike parking and adding to the planting on the common room balcony at Dartington House 
  • Promoting sustainable travel options 
  • Setting all IT Services printers and photocopiers to print double-sided and in black and white by default 
  • Taking part in sustainable food initiatives including National Vegetarian Week and encouraging fair trade as a preference 
  • Reviewing our own digital carbon footprint 

The culmination of these small but sustainable changes has resulted in IT Services achieving the Green Impact Bronze Award, which was presented to team representatives at the Divinity School on 20 June 2023 by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Irene Tracey. The slate plaque award is already displayed in the reception of Dartington House, recognising the hard work and tenacity of the team. It is the first step towards embedding more sustainable practices into our everyday lives. 

Find out more

The IT Services team is now working towards the Silver Award requirements and always welcomes new ideas and active members. If you are a member of the department and would like to be part of making change happen, join our friendly Green Impact Team (requires SSO).  

Other parts of the University are also working hard on their Green Impact work - find out more about Green Impact and get involved.