Backup services available for single user or shared computers and servers

Safe and secure storage of University data is essential to the smooth running of research and teaching at Oxford. If you need a backup service, our HFS team offers access to two free services depending on your requirements. Both are available to senior members, postgraduates and staff across the University.

Backups for a single-user computer or laptop

The HFS CrashPlan backup service provides secure backups of University data on personal, single-user computers like your desktop and laptop at work and at home. 

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited versions and no daily backup limits
  • Automatic backups in the background (every 15 minutes by default but configurable)
  • No need for VPN - backup from anywhere to the CrashPlan Cloud
  • Restore data from one machine to another 
  • Backup up to four machines under one personal account
  • Easy to use interface to select and exclude data for backup

Backups for a server or a shared machine

 The Spectrum Protect service is suitable if you have large data sets or need to backup a server or shared machine.

The benefits of this service include: 

  • 7 versions
  • Scheduled nightly backups
  • Needs to be on the University network
  • Supported on more operating systems than CrashPlan
  • Virtual machines supported

More information

For help with which service to choose please visit our page that summarises a comparison of the services

For more information, to register, or install the appropriate software, please visit the HFS support page on the IT Help website.