Information security awareness 2019

A new version of the online data privacy and information security module was launched in February and we are proud to say that, to date, over 11,000 people have passed the new module.

The Information Compliance Team and the Information Security Team worked jointly on this endeavour, rebuilding the module to reflect changes in national and European data protection legislation, improve the content, increase the test question bank, and delivering a robust solution. The module is available to any member of the University with an SSO account.

We also invited feedback via a survey; 2,000 responses have been received. The feedback has been pretty positive with the majority ranking their knowledge higher than previously and 75 per cent saying that their colleagues would benefit from taking it. Improvements have been suggested including printable resources but the loudest call has been for adding feedback to the module and we are investigating what can be put in place. We recognise that it hasn’t all been plain sailing and thank all those who have experienced technical issues and reported it. We are working to resolve these.

What’s next?

The next big change will be our hosting – things will start to look a little different by the end of July. The Oxford Learning Institute (OLI) Moodle platform has been ‘home’ for the last few years, and we thank the OLI team for all their support keeping it upright. The module will be moving to AccessPlanit, a learning management system supported by IT Services, and used by the IT Learning Centre and Finance among others. There will be further communications about the change so keep an eye out!

In the longer term, we will also be looking at data quality and reporting improvements as well as providing training to those without an SSO account but this will be subject to securing additional resources and funding.

Please ensure that you complete the module annually. If you would like to leave us some feedback on your experience, you can either fill out our survey or drop us a line at

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