Introducing Molly

You’ve probably noticed that over the last month or so we have moved from to LinkedIn Learning for our online learning provision at Oxford University. LinkedIn Learning has all the same great content as (and more), with a fresher, easier to use interface.

If you used Lynda before, you don’t need to do anything - you still have free access to courses through your Single Sign-On credentials. And no, you do not need a LinkedIn account. Oxford’s LinkedIn Learning access has been implemented using a ‘blocked mode’.  There is no connection or sharing of information between your University LinkedIn Learning account and any other LinkedIn profile that you have.

So, who or what is Molly then?

Molly is the IT Learning Centre’s new portal for all of our online learning - LinkedIn Learning is just a part of this. Molly also includes our own IT Learning portfolio, a rich repository of the resources which we use in our classroom-based courses.


Have you always wanted to learn how to make that spreadsheet do what you wanted?  Or how to edit a video clip?  What about Teams, are you in one and using it well? Do a quick search and see what’s on offer through LinkedIn Learning which you can get to on our Molly portal  - there are plenty of courses and you’ll more than likely find something that suits you.  It’s never too late to learn something new!

STOP PRESS! Since moving to LinkedIn Learning, more than 1,170 people have logged in and nearly 700 people have already viewed over 900 hours of content. Our most popular courses are Excel: Essential Training, Python: Essential Training and Time Management Fundamentals.