IT courses deliver results

Did you know that Oxford’s IT Learning Centre (ITLC) can deliver courses just for your team or group, at a time and place to suit you?

In Hilary term 2021, our IT instructors delivered 24 closed courses for nine different groups. These were about a range of topics including: presentations, media interviews, research posters, R, video editing, Teams, NVivo, and plagiarism awareness. We even had attendees from the World Health Organisation at one course!

How do closed courses work?

Pre-designed digital skills courses for 6-20 participants can be arranged as 'closed courses' for groups, where:

  • only your group of staff or students will attend
  • the course is organised at a time to suit you

All you have to do is identify an area of IT learning that would benefit your group from our list of available courses. Then talk to the ITLC team to agree the time, place, cost and other logistics. All the information you need is on our closed courses webpage.

Tailored courses

Our pre-designed courses may not always be exactly what you want, so we can tailor the content to fit your specific needs. For tailored courses, we usually make an additional one-off charge for the customisation, in addition to the charge for delivering the course.

Bespoke courses

If there is a topic that we do not cover, we may still be able to help by developing a bespoke course for you. There is a one-off charge for this.

Bespoke course case study: Pitt Rivers museum

Through their Multaka-Oxford project, the Pitt Rivers museum wanted to engage and develop positive relationships with the communities where items in the museum were from.

The museum wanted to contribute to the stories behind exhibits by finding out more about the meaning of the items on display from the source communities.  They wanted to use social media to share valuable expertise and stories.  But many volunteers lacked confidence with social media tools or, so the museum asked us to develop a course to help.

ITLC staff suggested a social media platform and then suggested solutions, eventually developing a course for improving digital literacy including, how tell a compelling story and how to stay safe online. Two well-received sessions were delivered and the museum went on to win awards for the Multaka project - we are proud of our contribution to this.

Booking a course for your group

Do contact ITLC to discuss organising a course using the contact form on the closed courses webpage

*Note: for Trinity term 2021 courses are only offered online.