Experts share advice on IT and AV equipment for students and academics

Wondering what IT or AV equipment might be useful for teaching or learning remotely?

Created to help academics and students, our easy-to-read guides include expert advice and recommendations for kit to support remote teaching and learning. There's also a handy guide for those equipping lecture theatres and other teaching spaces.

The guides, outlined below, are filled with useful information, even for those with more technical know-how.

For students: IT equipment for home and college use

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Advice on IT and AV equipment, particularly for using centrally supported software for online learning including Canvas, Panopto and Teams. The guide also includes best-practice on using software options and advice about getting set-up.

For academics and teaching staff: IT equipment for home and office use

This guide provides support for academics using Panopto and/or Teams from their home or office. It includes equipment recommendations, best-practice on using software options and advice on presenting in general.

For IT/AV staff: Guidance for setting up AV and lecture capture in teaching spaces  

Advice for AV and IT officers on room equipment for use with Panopto for lecture capture, and with Microsoft Teams for meetings.


To access these straightforward, approachable guides, and for more related information, visit the Recommended equipment page on our IT Services Help website.

Anyone heading to Oxford for the first time should also take a look at our Getting started pages, which includes a page on what to bring.