IT Service Desk news

Our termly update from the central IT Service Desk includes reminders about setting up IT for new staff as well as top tips for digital housekeeping and keeping yourself and Oxford secure.  

Setting up starters, leavers and movers  

When new members of staff join your team, whether completely new or moving roles, it’s important that new team members are given the correct access to software, services and other digital resources. Usually, this task falls to line managers and it’s always a good idea to get the new starter's IT set up as early as possible. 

If you are expecting staff changes within your team, you can find detailed information and guidance for setting up IT facilities for new staff members on the IT Help website

Digital housekeeping 

Can you spend some time trimming down your unruly inbox? Is your 'To Do' list the last thing you ever wish to look at? Now is an ideal time to do some destressing digital detoxing. 

We all need to work at keeping our documents and data in some sort of order, especially with the new OneDrive storage capacity arrangements. This can save us all space and keep the most important items easy to find. Browse these tips and tricks for keeping your OneDrive in good shape

Security and your data 

Did you know that people getting locked out of their accounts is one of the most popular topics we get called about every January? Don’t get locked out of your accounts if you get a new device. Take a few minutes right now to set yourself up with more than one method of multifactor authentication (MFA). Once you have done this, setting up new devices, whether now or in the future, will be much easier.  

More information about keeping yourself and Oxford secure is on the Information Security website.  

Finding IT help  

For the easiest way to request common services, visit IT Self Service. Browse or search through the forms for many requests including: 

  • Personal Email Account Delegation,  
  • SSO Account Access Extension 
  • Managed Desktop Service Application Installation 

All the information you need to find IT support can be found on the IT Help website.

Top tip

You can use the search on the IT Help website to easily find lots of useful IT information including help guides for popular systems and software, and links to forms for queries and requests.