Measuring our response in a time of change

As many of us are approaching a full year of being at home, we reflect on the transformation in our ways of working. Our reliance on IT has never been stronger and the services we offer continue to support everyone at the University in their research, teaching, learning and working. 

We've been reviewing some data on the use of the IT systems and tools that we manage. The numbers demonstrate the changes in working patterns and ever increasing demands on the services that facilitate remote work and study. 


IT Services - support and desktop services

During the year 2019-20, our teams responded to keep everyone working

Over 114,000 support calls taken in 2019-20
There were over 114,000 support calls to our Service Desk in 2019/20, including issues reported via phone, email, out of hours or via self service
65% of calls resolved same or next day in 2019-20
An impressive 65 per cent of support calls were resolved either on the same or next day. Unsurprisingly, Monday is the busiest day for calls and most incidents are recorded between 9am and midday
Customer satisfaction in support calls over 80% in 2019-20
Customer satisfaction with support calls was consistently above 80 per cent. Your feedback has been used to help improve the service for future calls
Number of managed PCs increased by 20% in 2019-20
We now have 5400 managed PCs on our service compared with 4500 in 2018/19, an increase of 20 per cent 
Remote desktop users increased by 160% in 2019-20
Staff using remote desktops quickly increased to 1300 in March-April 2020 (from 500 in 2018-19), a massive rise of 160 per cent to support remote working
Page views to reached 24,500
Page views of our work remotely web page reached 24,500 in the year 2019-20, peaking at over 5000 in a single week during the first lockdown


IT Infrastructure - helping you to communicate and come together

As working remotely became the norm we were reliant on our use of online tools to stay connected
24 million emails sent from 1 August to 31 December 2020
Email remains a favoured method of keeping in touch with colleagues and 24 million emails were sent using Nexus365 (Aug-Dec 2020)
101 million emails read from August to December 2020
In the same time period we read 101 million emails in Nexus365, that's over 20 million per month 
1.9 million chat messages on Teams per month during August to December 2020
We quickly became experts in MS Teams with 1.9 million chat messages sent per month (Aug-Dec 2020)
4000 meetings per day held in Teams from August to December 2020
With many colleagues working away from the University we had to meet virtually - between us, we arranged 4000 meetings in Teams every day
In February 2021 there were over 134 million files stored in OneDrive for Business

As of February 2021 there were over 134 million files stored in OneDrive for Business, across more than 55,000 accounts

In January 2021 over 4100 VPN clients connected to our network
VPN (virtual private network) connections peaked in January 2021 with over 4100 VPN clients connected to our network


IT Services projects - delivering and supporting change

Some projects were brought forward to address immediate needs and others had their timings adjusted to manage resources appropriately during the pandemic

23 completed projects in 2019-20
23 projects were completed in 2019-20 delivering more online functionality to students, from admissions to exams, and implementing Office 365 to more fully support hybrid teaching and working   
Average 64 active projects in 2019-20
Throughout 2019-20 we had an average of 64 active projects at any given time


IT Learning Centre - online and teacher-led courses

Demand for IT skills continued during 2019-20, with courses rewritten for online delivery during the pandemic
579 teacher-led courses delivered with 10,000 bookings in 2019-20
2019-20 saw 579 teacher-led courses delivered face-to-face and online with 10,053 bookings. As use of Teams increased, our teachers delivered 97 courses in this software alone
6594 learners viewed 316,000 courses on LinkedIn Learning during 2019-20
Self-directed learning via LinkedIn Learning proved popular with 6594 learners viewing 316,920 videos
30 ITSS training courses with 1059 delegates in 2019-20
We ran 30 training courses specifically for IT Support Staff which were attended by 1059 delegates
Instructional design team delivered 323 courses with 1105 bookings in 2019-20
Our Instructional Design team ran 323 courses to support projects (such as Canvas) with 1105 bookings


Educational Media Services - providing lecture capture services to the University

Supporting the delivery of online lectures has been essential during January-December 2020 

Over 45,000 hours of lectures were recorded in the Panopto system in 2020
Over 45,000 hours of lectures were recorded in the Panopto system during 2020, equivalent to 50 lectures being recorded simultaneously every working hour during term
Over 611,000 hours of content was delivered by the Panopto lecture capture system in 2020
Over 611,000 hours of content was delivered by the Panopto lecture capture system in 2020