Grow your mind as summer sizzles...

It is summertime and many of us are taking a break. Whether you are having a 'staycation', travelling the world, or chilling out on a beach, Oxford University podcasts have something to stimulate the grey matter while you are away from work or study. There are hundreds of series to choose from; we've selected a few below that may interest you, but search for your favourite topics and see what you discover.

Podcasts can be listened to online through the web page or you can subscribe to the series on an iPhone or other smartphone using the links on the series page. Enjoy!

  • Future of Business - each episode aims to tackle the next generation of problems facing the world and the business opportunities they represent
  • Diseases in Dialogue - some of the major questions surrounding the scientific, technological and medical developments that have defined the modern era
  • Staying Alive: Poetry and Crisis - featuring conversations with contemporary poets
  • CortexCast - provides in-depth interviews with world leading Neuroscientists. Including discussing the science of sleep 'Sleeping with one eye open'
  • Futuremakers - A series of talks discussing artificial intelligence, such as does AI have a gender? Is AI good for our health?
  • Stargazing - Find out more about our night sky, from new planets to far-off galaxies and the vastness of the Universe