Inclusive Teaching Enhancements Project: a case study

The Inclusive Teaching Enhancements Project aimed to help Oxford make inclusive teaching the default practice by designing-in and enabling inclusive teaching practice within Canvas and its associated tools.

The project was supported by the Centre for Teaching and Learning and built on progress made during the COVID-19 pandemic in promoting flexible and inclusive teaching practice across the University.

This case study (SSO required), which provides an overview of the project and its key deliverables, also examines the project's early impacts, considers the experience of a project board member and learning technologist, and concludes with a look at the challenges facing the University as it attempts to achieve its vision of a fully accessible and inclusive learning environment.

The project ended on 30 June 2022, but planning is now underway for the next phase of work. You can view the outputs of the Inclusive Teaching Enhancements Project here (SSO required).