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Have you heard about software that you think could help with your research, or forgotten how to make that spreadsheet behave how you want it to? LinkedIn Learning has thousands of courses, more than 13,000 in fact, that you can access to refresh your skills or learn new ones. And the best part is that it’s free for staff and students at Oxford University.

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What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is an online resource with thousands of high quality courses in creative, technology and business skills – all taught by industry experts. We have highlighted a series of courses related to software and IT, but you can complete any courses that interest you.

Why should I use LinkedIn Learning?

There are loads of great reasons to use LinkedIn Learning but we think the best part is that you can access courses from anywhere in the world on your PC, mobile or tablet. You can even use mobile apps on Android and IOS devices to download content to watch on the go and offline. Imagine your boring train journey suddenly becoming time well spent!

We also think it’s great that many of the courses are now available in a range of different languages including French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese. LinkedIn Learning is growing and evolving to better suit the needs of its users.

How do I sign up?

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All you need to do is log in using your Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials.


Visit our IT Skills website for more information and to get started with LinkedIn Learning.



Additional information

In 2015 Lynda.com was purchased by LinkedIn. In 2016 LinkedIn Learning was launched combining learning content from Lynda.com with LinkedIn’s professional networking platform.  

You do not need a LinkedIn profile to access LinkedIn Learning courses, all you need is your SSO. If you have an existing LinkedIn profile, no information is shared between the two platforms. More information about the LinkedIn Learning arrangements for Oxford University can be found on our website.