Lockdown2020 – Crowdsourcing the University experience

A small project led by the English Faculty and IT Services is trying to capture everyday experiences from members of the University during the lockdown, creating a snapshot of this important historical event for future generations. The project is working with the City of Oxford Museum's 'City Stories' initiative and continues the University's long-standing involvement in crowd-sourcing stories, objects, and memories. The Museum is focussing on ‘town’ leaving us to look at ‘gown’; any member of the University is invited to submit any/all of the following:

  • a day in your life under lockdown,
  • up to 6 photographs of life under lockdown
  • a message for the future

We’re specifically trying to capture the impact on the University and its members, but obviously that may stray into life at home or your local neighbourhood. Whatever takes your fancy. You must be happy to share your text, images or audio/video and have consent to do so (full terms and conditions and privacy statement are available via the link below). Anything you submit will then be shared under the Creative Commons licence in an online archive for free educational reuse, and we also hope to give the material to the City of Oxford Museum for the future.

For more information go to the Lockdown2020 Crowdsourcing page and then share your submission(s).