Making the most of Chorus

Chorus is the University’s unified communication system that replaced all legacy telephone systems in 2018. It is a system fit for the modern age, changing the way we work by enabling more accessible and efficient communications. It offers so much more than a desk phone – are you making the most of Chorus?

Take a look at the following features to see how Chorus can improve your working life.

Web portal

This is the main management area which you can access via your desktop. The web portal allows you to log in, check your call history and voicemail, make phone calls (using a preferred device, see below), and even set up conference calls. When you schedule a conference in the web portal you have the additional options of web collaboration (the ability to share screens) or video conferencing if you have access to a webcam. 

Preferred device

This feature allows you to set up a ‘preferred device’ so that you can use your University phone number from anywhere. So, for example, if you are working from home and you set up your home phone as your preferred device, any calls that you make using the web portal will show your office number, keeping your home number private. Similarly, calls that you receive to your office number will ring your home phone number. You can set your preferred device in the web portal: click on your name in the top banner, select ‘settings’ and then ‘devices’.

Mobile phone app

Whether it is an Android or an iPhone you can use the mobile app OpenScape, and it doesn’t even use your mobile data as you are using the system. You can make calls, check your contacts, see missed calls, voicemail, and even receive calls. You can join conferences, but if you want to set up a conference you would need to do it via the web portal. More information can be found on the ‘Using your…’ Chorus help pages.


For the freedom lovers in the office you can benefit from using a USB or Bluetooth wireless headset and microphone (or ‘softphone’) in conjunction with an application on your PC. Ideal for those with high call volumes such as working in reception areas, the softphone option leaves your hands free whilst making and receiving calls. More information is provided on the Chorus Help pages: Getting started with softphones.

Telephone conferencing

The University spends about £500 per month on external conferencing services, but has its own free, internal service within Chorus. Conferences can have up to 200 participants and are easily set up as per the instructions on the conferencing pages. You can also set up your conference to ring out so that participants don’t have to pay for the call.


For more information on the full Chorus service visit the dedicated help pages