Coping under the interview spotlight

If you need to prepare for media interviews and would like to learn from an expert how to manage when under the spotlight, look no further. Oxford University's IT Learning Centre offers specialist training sessions to help you navigate interviews with ease.  

About our Media Interviews course

Taught by media professional Kieran Suchet, our intensive training sessions help University members to hone and communicate their message with skill, confidence, and fluency.   

Throughout each session, Kieran provides feedback and individual guidance on how to improve. Participants are put through their paces in our on-site studio, helping them learn how to craft their talking points, deal with difficult questions, and deftly handle live and pre-recorded interviews. Participants should be prepared for the full multimedia interview experience with a highly skilled instructor, all for a fraction of the price of external providers.

Demand from the media for expert academic opinion has been at an all-time high, and our Media Interviews course is proving increasingly popular.  More information about the course and how to book your place can be found on our IT Skills website.

"Absolutely brilliant course"

Previous course participants share their feedback:

'I have learnt so much and am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn and develop my skills. These have all been valuable courses for real-world scenarios and can be implemented immediately in my career (now and in the future). Thank you!' 

'This course was quite a roller coaster ride, and I enjoyed every scary moment.' 

'This session was a very good blend of teaching and hands-on exercises. The trainer was extremely good.'

'It was an enriching and serious training.' 

'I think the course was very challenging, and I cannot think of anything that could be added - it was perfect the way it was.'  

'Absolutely brilliant course. Thanks so much to the inspiring instructor, which made me feel that I can deliver good media interviews and had very useful tips.'