Creating a new website? We can help!

Oxford Mosaic is a web publishing solution providing an easy-to-use interface for creating attractive, responsive websites. Since it was made available in mid-2017, more than 530 websites have been built using Mosaic. Last year 20 million users made around 30 million page views on Mosaic websites - that’s around 675,000 page views every week!

Available across Oxford University, the software is designed to help research groups, departments, colleges, service units, academics, student societies or cross-institution partnerships to communicate their work or activities with a wider community.

Why should I use Mosaic for my new website?

There are lots of great reasons for using Oxford Mosaic, but here are our top three:

  • A choice of configurable designs ensuring that websites look professional, meet accessibility standards, and are fully responsive to mobile devices.
  • Set-up costs are free for all users, and there is a sliding scale of charging levels. The smallest microsites, for small units such as research teams, are available at no cost. Larger, more complex sites can also be built on this platform, which continues to evolve and grow to meet users’ needs.
  • Oxford Mosaic is centrally maintained and fully supported, meaning fewer worries for website owners.

Mosaic was developed for people with little or no content management experience, allowing them to focus on knowledge and content sharing rather than technology.

Can I see what my website might look like?

Your new website will be uniquely yours, but you can visit some of the other websites built using Mosaic  and see how others have used the software to create distinctive websites to meet their needs. There are many different approaches – see which suits you.

Further information

Check out the latest Mosaic features, and take a look at the Oxford Mosaic website to find out more about why it could be the solution you are looking for.