Top tips for laptop/notebook safety

Have you noticed that laptops are often called notebooks? That’s right, they are the same thing. But why change the name? There was nothing wrong with the old name, right? Wrong!

Despite the popular name, your lap is not the best place for your computer. Have you noticed your laptop/notebook getting warm or hot? Or do you get a sore neck from looking down all day? It's easy to stay safe, check out the tips below.  

Three top tips

Here are our top three tips for keeping your notebook and yourself safe and well:

Cartoon image of a laptop on a table with a cup of tea and notebook nearby
  • Place your device on a flat, hard surface - this keeps the air vents clear and prevents overheating.
  • Connect to separate, adjustable screen if possible - check out these tips for keeping your back, neck and shoulders in good shape while using your notebook.
  • Unplug your device overnight and check the battery regularly - this helps to keep the battery in good condition and reduces fire risk.

Advice and links

Further information, advice and handy links can be found on our Safety guidance for notebooks page. And don't forget to do an annual assessment of your workspace, wherever you are.