Managed devices: New Office software available

With new features and improved security, Office 2019 is now available for staff with managed devices (CONNECT) to download. 

It's a very straightforward process and you can do the upgrade yourself. By choosing a day and time when you know you have less on, you can ensure that installing Office 2019 doesn't interfere with important work or meetings that you have planned. The update should only take 10-15 minutes.

Downloading Office 2019 

It's easy! But if you haven't done this before or have forgotten, here are a couple of easy steps.

  • Reboot your PC or laptop before you start the update and close any applications that may have opened automatically.
  • Open the Oxford Applications Installer from the Start menu and click on the icon labelled Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus Install.

We strongly advise that you do not open any applications until the update is complete.

What happens if you don’t upgrade your computer?

You won't miss out, the Office 2019 upgrade will happen automatically after 1 December 2022. However, if you leave it to be caught up in the automatic upgrades, you could find that the timing is inconvenient, so we recommend choosing a date and time that suits you before then.

Who is the upgrade for?

Everyone with a staff managed (CONNECT) device at Oxford can install Office 2019.  

If you use any of the Access databases managed by IT Services, please coordinate your upgrade with the database owners who should have been in touch with you. 

If you use Microsoft Project and/or Microsoft Visio, please install Microsoft Office first. Project and/or Visio will only appear on the Oxford Applications Installer if you have a licenced copy of these products and they need to be installed separately after Office 2019 has installed successfully. 

Further information and help

Further guidance can be found on our IT Help website on the How to use the Oxford Applications Installer page. 

To help you use the new software, a series of quick reference guides are available.

If you still have problems or simply get mixed-up, just contact the Service Desk and our colleagues will be happy to help get you back on track. The best way to get in touch is either to call 01865 6 12345, or complete a request for help form.