Online expense claims

SAP Concur eExpenses is now live in Social Sciences division and most other departments at the University. All remaining departments will go live with eExpenses by Easter 2022 when the existing offline form will be retired.

When to start using eExpenses

Your department will tell you when to start using eExpenses. If you submit claims via eExpenses before then, your claim is likely to be rejected or stalled in the system thereby delaying reimbursement. If you are unsure whether your department or college has launched eExpenses, or when it is planning to do so, please check with your finance or administrative team.

How to access eExpenses

When your department advises you that you can start using eExpenses you should log into eExpenses by using the button on the Finance division website. You should use only this link, and re-click here if your session times out. By doing this you are correctly directed via the University’s single Sign-on (SSO) screen. You can also access eExpenses via the mobile app for creating and submitting claims. Do not access via the SAP Concur website.

Where to get help using eExpenses

The Finance division website includes extensive information on the University’s expenses policy and guidelines. It also includes guidance for using eExpenses (see the links below). For questions about using the eExpenses system, please contact the SAP Concur 24/7 support desk on 0800 389 8758. Useful guidance and advice for using eExpenses can be found below or in the Related links section on the right of this page.