Our mental wellness

Among the thousands of Oxford podcasts made available by our Educational Media Services team, you'll find things you probably didn't expect. This week we take a look at some of the podcasts aimed at helping us all with wellbeing.   

Find your breathing space

Do you need some breathing space to help you feel calm and focussed on a busy day? Are you worried about your low mood? Or do you want to find out about self-compassion or getting a good night's sleep?  Aimed at primarily students, our series of podcasts about student life at Oxford, has valuable, transferable messages for everyone. 

Dispelling myths and finding answers

Organised by Oxford's Experimental Psychology Department, the podcast series Our Mental Wellness aims to inform, dispel myths and generate discussion on a range of mental health topics. Listen to world-leading researchers share their expertise about mental health conditions and effective evidence-based treatments. It is a chance to find answers to your questions about how we can look after our own and each other’s mental wellness.

Looking for something different?

There are plenty more subjects on our podcasts website from nature and literature, to physics and archaeology - take a look, there's something for everyone.