Oxford Ideas: a tool to co-create the future

Are you working on a new team strategy, running a new research project, or planning a consultation with staff in your department to find new ways of doing things in the post-COVID world? Or perhaps you are interested in identifying new ideas to co-create the future together with other teams in the University? If so, our Oxford Ideas platform may be of help to you.

Oxford Ideas is an idea management platform designed to support collaborative innovation. This free service is available all members of the University via IT Services. You can use it to gather ideas, identify opportunities and encourage participation within your team or across the University. Contributors can post ideas, add comments and vote for their favourite suggestions; feedback can be shared in real time to address local or global challenges and co-create future solutions.

Further information about the platform

To find out more about how to support innovation in your team using Oxford Ideas, email innovation@it.ox.ac.uk or get in touch with Nandy Millan at nandy.millan@it.ox.ac.uk.