Oxford Research File Service (RFS) available for storing your live research data

What is RFS?

Research File Service (RFS) is a University-approved central storage facility for active research data, providing a reliable, resilient, secure, and scalable service, with the assurance that research data is safely protected and accessible.

Who can use RFS?

RFS is currently available to internal research staff. After you have signed up, you can access it as you would other drives on the University network, or through VPN outside of the University.  It can be used for the storage of public and internal (non-confidential) files. 

We hope to expand the service, to include storage of confidential data and web front-end access by the end of Michaelmas term 2023. This will make RFS available to both internal research staff and their external collaborators.

How much will it cost?

RFS will be free at point of service for up to 20TB per research project until 31 July 2024. Principal Investigators and researchers can request storage through IT Self Service (log in, then search the Service Catalogue for 'RFS'). Although ongoing funding is being sought for RFS, if you are requesting storage beyond this date please be aware that you may incur a charge. You will be made aware of any future charges well in advance.

What do I do next?

Principal Investigators should discuss their research storage requirements with their local IT Support team before requesting RFS storage to ensure RFS is the most appropriate place for their research data. IT Support can discuss any risks involved and may offer alternative storage options to consider, such as the 2nd Tier Storage for Medical Sciences division (MSD).  Researchers in MSD should contact MSD IT Services or your local IT Support Team, as appropriate.

Where can I find more information?

You can find out more about RFS through the IT Help website, emailing the RFS service team, or by joining the RFS Teams User Group using joining code 8l48j0t.