Panopto Capture

A new feature in Panopto has been enabled - a browser-based recorder named Panopto Capture.

Panopto Capture allows a user to record audio, video, and screens or applications, from directly within their browser. This is a useful alternative for those who cannot use the Panopto manual recorder (e.g. Linux users, or macOS users running the latest M1 hardware - neither of which is currently compatible with the Panopto manual recorder).

Panopto Capture offers additional features that are not available with the manual recorder (such as smart zoom and virtual backgrounds), but it lacks other features. Panopto Capture is still in beta, and it is recommended to continue to use the manual recorder where possible. We also suggest trying to record a short test beforehand.

We have a short guidance page available which will be updated in due course.

As always, please contact with any questions.