Participation in local IT meetings

Would you like an IT Services representative at your department or college IT meetings? The IT Services rep scheme provides a named person who will attend your IT meetings, provide updates on IT Services activities, answer questions, and take feedback to feed into service improvements. They may also be able to offer advice on specific local issues, or assist in recruitment activities. We are keen to expand to even more areas.

"M’s reports at the IT Forum have always been hugely welcomed by all members of the group, and his participation in the meetings has meant that the IT Forum felt like it was fully connected to the central IT services of the University, we could have questions answered directly at the meeting and get explanations for complicated issues or procedures."

From experience, we know departments appreciate being able to build up a relationship with a specific IT Services employee who can develop an understanding of their particular environment and challenges, and ultimately help shape future services in order to better meet your needs. The benefits to a department vary from improving engagement with central IT activities to directly impacting local issues:

"A’s input in addressing a serious issue in relation to an ERC-funded project helped us to address concerns raised by the ERC. If the concerns had not been satisfactorily resolved, it could have cost the University between £50k and £500k."

For IT Services, we benefit from having direct interaction with end users, developing a better understanding of your needs and how services impact you. If you want to find out more about having an IT Services rep, please email