Podcasting at Oxford

Podcasts have become a part of our lives and are listened to by millions of people every day. There are nearly 13,000 podcast episodes on the Oxford Podcasts website and the parallel Oxford Apple Podcasts service, with a global audience listening to educational material from most departments across Oxford. New material and exciting series are released every week.  

Why you should start podcasting   

Podcasting is: 

  • An excellent way to share findings from your research or deliver public engagement material  
  • Useful to reach the internal audiences and the next generation of students and researchers 
  • A unique way to reach dispersed global audiences and support your written research work.   
  • A way to attract new students - demonstrate the passion you have for your specialist subject.  
  • Budget-friendly and straightforward to produce. 

How the Podcasting Service can help 

We manage the University’s podcasting platform and make podcasts available via the University’s podcast websites. Our team of experts is always happy to help you create an audio or video podcast and will support at all stages to deliver it to your audience. Contact the Podcasting Service team for help with: 

  • Developing your idea and thinking how this might be structured into a series 
  • Best practice for shaping your material to meet your audience’s needs 
  • Technical work including recording, cataloguing and publishing your podcast 
  • The University policy and sign-offs needed to release material. 

Podcasting is for everyone 

The world class podcasts on our sites are diverse, covering topics from Shakespeare to quantum physics and everything in between. 

Recently, we worked closely with Sir Andrew Pollard on The Oxford Colloquy series, interviewing key scientists responsible for managing the world’s response to the global pandemic and discovering more about the people behind the science.

In contrast, we also helped to deliver Chaucer for Beginners - a captivating conversational new series by Professor Marion Turner, delving into the life and enduring legacy of renowned 14th century writer, Geoffrey Chaucer. 

No topic is too big or too small. Don’t be shy, contact us to find out how you can contribute. 

Contact us to get started 

Oxford University staff members from departments, colleges or faculties should contact the podcasting team for a chat about getting started with creating and sharing a podcast.  

Information about contributing to the Oxford Podcasts site can be found on the Getting started with podcasting page on our IT Help website. Even if you are at the earliest stage – please feel free to contact us for guidance.