How long have you been struggling to concentrate on that course or trying to fit it into your day?

We know it isn't always ideal to take online courses in an office or home environment where you can be interrupted and distracted.  To help you out, our IT Learning Centre is offering a quiet place where you can work on your course or watch your LinkedIn Learning videos. You could also use this space to prepare for face-to-face courses or workshops when LinkedIn Learning courses or videos are a pre-requisite. One of our teachers will be there to oversee the room and be available for technical support in case they are needed.

Where can I sign up?

Our next three 'quiet' sessions are listed below. Follow the links to book your space and ensure a seat is available.

Our 'quiet' sessions provide a peaceful environment where you can work through any online course. Why not give it a go.

Don't forget about Molly!

If you are new to online learning at Oxford, Molly is the IT Learning Centre’s collection of online courses and resources. Take a look and see what courses interest you.