Reach out: Discover ways to illustrate your work

Do you need to create engaging content to communicate your work, study, research or project to your audience? The IT Learning Centre offers no fewer than fifteen courses covering all you need to know about creating podcasts and videos, illustrations and images, and there are even courses about creating 3D visuals.  

Video courses  

You can join us for one of our short sessions on video creation and production, or a longer course where you will be immersed in creating a mini-documentary. For most courses (except 'Shooting movies on your mobile'), we provide all the equipment for the workshop, and you will create a video. Space on each course is limited, allowing time for you to get all the guidance you need from our expert instructors. Afterwards, you will be all set to shoot and edit your own videos. 


We offer two short courses introducing you to the skills required for recording and sharing audio. In Podcasting: An introduction, you will create a short podcast and learn how to have it hosted on the University's own podcast site and Apple Podcasts simultaneously.  

In Audio: Recording the spoken word with Audacity, you dive deeper into the Audacity recording software to learn how to edit and produce high-quality audio recordings for various uses.  

Images and illustrations  

Our image and illustration workshops introduce you to the general principles and techniques for working with and creating digital images. They provide plenty of practical exercises to help you get to grips with using Adobe and free alternatives. 

3D modelling  

3D modelling software is unlike any other type of software you will have used, and the process of 3D modelling doesn't usually match your experience in the real world. Our workshops will make the process more intuitive by breaking it down into a series of relatable activities. We work with a ready-made 3D model/environment and experiment with navigation, lighting, materials, rendering and very simple work with 3D models  


Don't miss these great opportunities to learn different ways to share your work or research with your peers and sponsors.  Creating content with a positive lasting impact is an invaluable skill, so sign up today. 

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