Results of student Wi-Fi survey 2022

During Michaelmas Term 2022, IT Services ran a second student Wi-Fi experience survey on behalf of the colleges. This provides a comparison with results from the previous survey, showing progress achieved through the improvements made over the last 2 years, and identifying areas for further improvements. It has also provided insight into new areas that were not explored in 2020. 

We are very grateful for the 1,300 responses that were received. These show positive changes across many colleges and the eduroam service; a good first result for Wi-Fi provision in University libraries; and that Wi-Fi experience was better under Windows, Android and ChromeOS than for Apple Mac or iPhone.

The full Student Wi-Fi report 2022 will now be considered by both the colleges and central university. The results from 2022, this year’s question form and results from 2020 for comparison are also available - you will need to log in with your SSO to access all of these PDF documents.