IT advice for returning to onsite working

You've packed your lunch and everything you think you'll need, and head into your office for a busy day of 'getting used it all'. Of course, the first thing you'll need to do, after reminding yourself that your colleagues are actually multi-dimensional, is turn on your computer. 

We gathered together some useful articles to remind you of a few things that you might need to do.

For those preparing buildings for re-opening  

It's important that departments contact us in advance of staff returning so that we can check computers and provide any advice needed. A service request to notify us of a building reopening has been specially created to streamline this process. Computers needing software and security updates may take a significant time to update, please be patient. In the meantime, here's a reminder of our top three IT things to do before staff return.

For everyone who uses eduroam

Updates earlier this year mean you'll need to take action to ensure eduroam works when you are on site. Here's information about updating your eduroam settings. If you already did this back in April, you don't need to do it again.

For everyone, a reminder about multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Don't forget to ensure you have access to your second factor authentication if you are changing your workplace. Here are our top tips for managing MFA when returning to on-site working and studying. Other options for MFA include using an office phone or the Authy app on your work computer. If you work across multiple sites or don't have access to Wi-Fi or a mobile phone signal, you can use one-time passcodes on the Authenticator app or a hardware token.

Still have questions? Your local IT support colleagues will be able to answer most things but don't forget, if you need further information, the IT Help website has lots of valuable guidance - take a look.

Watch this space during September for IT guidance related to hybrid meetings and resources for making sure you have the skills you need, and enjoy your first day back.