Save time with your IT query

When people from across the University contact our Service Desk, it is often because something IT-related doesn’t work, or because they need something (like access to a system or to data). Luckily, we have a good idea what most people will ask for and we know what information and checks are needed before providing it. With this in mind, we’ve been creating a new process allowing people to make requests with an easy-to-use, interactive on-line form. This makes the processing of requests quicker and more predictable.

Which services are available?

There is a widening range of requests now available, such as renaming or deleting a mailing list, obtaining remote working capabilities for a CONNECT user, or creating a Nexus365 Team, to name but a few.  The full list of available Service Requests can be found in our self service catalogue. You can browse by category or search for a specific Service Request to meet your needs. Our most popular requests are easy to find and complete.   

Save time getting delegated access to accounts

One of our most popular Service Requests is the Generic Email Account Delegation which has recently been expanded to allow requests for delegation removal.  This has been joined by a new Personal Email Account Delegation request which is designed to handle the more stringent authorisation requirements of granting access to personal accounts. You can access both delegated access to accounts Service Requests on our website.

Take a look for yourself, and next time you have an IT query, give it a go.

More information: IT Service Desk - Contact info

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