SharePoint 2013 closing on 11 April 2023

There is just over one month remaining until the permanent closure of SharePoint 2013 (on-premise). This will affect all site collections and subsites, as well as My Sites.  

Access to SharePoint 2013 provided by the Nexus team will be removed for users in all Oxford University units, colleges and departments users on 11 April 2023 and the service will permanently close. 

If you are still using this service, your priority should be moving your important content to a new location such as SharePoint Online, other facilities in Nexus365, or another active service.  Please ensure that this work is completed before 11 April 2023 - service extensions will not be offered. 

Further information   

Your first point of contact for help and assistance with moving your content can be found on the SharePoint on-premise site listing

To request SharePoint Online sites or discuss content moves in the remaining time, contact your SharePoint Network Administrator(s)

The following links also have useful information about the closure of SharePoint 2013 as well as how to get a SharePoint Online site and various help topics.  

Finding help