How is your move to SharePoint Online going?

Progress moving to SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online became available in November 2020 and since then 1,386 new sites have been created by 124 departments, colleges and units across the University.

It’s encouraging to see that more and more SharePoint on-premise sites are being archived or deleted. As a reminder, SharePoint on-premise will be switched off in April 2023 and content in SharePoint on-premise sites must be moved, deleted or archived well ahead of this deadline.

It’s also worth pointing out that SharePoint on-premise is not secured with multi-factor authentication, so to enhance the security of your documents, you should consider moving to SharePoint Online as soon as possible.

Getting help with your SharePoint Online site

Priya Nair, a SharePoint Online specialist, is available to consult about your SharePoint Online site. She can help with:

  • Planning and site architecture strategy
  • Content migration approach
  • Help with workflow/power automate
  • SPO technical advice

She is only in post until mid-November 2021, so we strongly encourage you to get in touch with her now. You can book a session with Priya using this SharePoint Online consultation and support booking form.

Online help with SharePoint Online

We have put together a number of Quick Reference Guides for setting up and using SharePoint Online, which are available on the SharePoint Online help and guidance page.

As SharePoint Online has been provided 'out-of the-box' from Microsoft, with very little customisation, you should also be able to make use of external websites for support.

If you want to see some examples of SharePoint Online, please take a look at this SharePoint Online LookBook, which contains a number of example sites with an explanation of how they were put together.

And if you want to discuss your SharePoint Online site with others at the University who are also setting up their own sites, then you might want to join the Nexus User Group, which has a dedicated "SharePoint Online User Group" channel - in Teams, click on "Join or create a Team" and enter the code LNJVOFR.