SMS service for Oxford University

Did you know that Oxford University has an online SMS service? Users of the service can send a quick text message from their computer to reach intended recipients quickly and efficiently, without hoping that they check their email, or log in to Teams. We’ve recently changed suppliers to Textlocal and the refreshed service is more streamlined with an easy-to-use interface. 

Why use an SMS service?

If you haven’t come across this service before, you are probably wondering what you could use it for. In addition to simply contacting your staff quickly and easily in an emergency, you might find the SMS service useful for:

  • Short notice course or class notifications/changes
  • Alerts from alarm monitoring systems
  • Disaster and emergency planning
  • General message to staff that are working off-campus
  • Trials, e.g. you can send notifications to participants
  • Appointment or interview reminders
  • Any situation where a short notification helps

How to access the SMS service

Oxford’s SMS service is an inexpensive way to reach your audiences quickly. You purchase pre-paid credits via your unit and they never expire. Our SMS help webpage has all the information you need, including account set up and FAQs. It is important that you follow the steps for setting up an account as you may be eligible for the University’s discounted price.

Getting telephony help

If you need help with this, or any other telephony issues and can’t find the answer on the above webpage, just visit the Chorus Help webpage to find the IT self service form you need.