Staying Oxford Secure: Staff training pilot launched

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The Oxford Secure project launches the Information Security & Data Privacy Staff Training pilot for staff

Before the course rolls out in full, the project is running a 2 Phase Pilot. The first pilot starts this week with IT Services and the Assurance Directorate. The second pilot starts in March. 

This project has been a culmination of months of hard work by the Oxford Secure project team and the Information Security and Information Compliance teams. We listened to what you, the user wanted, and have hopefully delivered a course that is up to the challenge of the new cyber security and data privacy environments we find ourselves in. Those staff taking part in the Pilots will be getting a sneak-peek into what the Oxford Secure project has been working on. 

We wanted the new training package to be:

  • Help you keep yourself, and the University’s data, secure
  • Be engaging for you 
  • Be available direct to your mailbox with one click 
  • Allow us to develop and provide targeted content and specialised training alongside the core training for all users.

The new training will:

  • empower you to deal with today's cyber threats and data protection requirements
  • be relevant for not only for your work life, but your personal life too!
  • remind you to stop and think about how to keep you and your data Oxford Secure.

The current Information Security and Data Privacy Staff Training was created in 2019. Cyber security threats have evolved rapidly,  particularly since the pandemic and we wanted a training platform that was up to that challenge and able to evolve alongside cyber security and data protection environments.

The new training has been sponsored by the Interim Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Tony Brett, and InfoSec and Information Compliance as part of the Oxford Secure project (part of the Cyber Security Programme) alongside IT Services and Digital Transformation.

We want the training to promote a sense of active vigilance amongst everyone in Oxford’s collegiate university to be alert to the threat of cyber-crime and have sufficient knowledge to identify incoming threats – and know what to do if they encounter such a situation.

Encountering cyber security threats and handling personal data are part of our daily lives at Oxford. The new course will remind you to stop and think about how to keep you and your data Oxford Secure.

We encourage staff and postgraduate students who are not part of the Pilot departments to still complete the current Staff course when prompted.

More news and information will be shared in the coming weeks from the project team.