Teams updates and new features

Welcome to our termly Teams catch-up article. Alongside rolling out New Teams, Microsoft continues delivering and updating features – we've set out some that we think you’ll find useful. 

About new Teams

The new Teams desktop client is reimagined from the ground up with performance and flexibility in mind. New Teams installs and loads faster, letting you launch the app and join meetings more quickly, giving you more time to focus on what you really need to.   

Microsoft has announced that everyone will move to the new Teams client between January and the end of March 2024, this should happen automatically. You may have a different experience to others as not all devices are the same; please be patient and keep an eye on the Nexus User Group for updates. 

If you can’t wait and want new Teams right away, you can read the new Teams guide and download new Teams yourself. If you have a managed staff computer (CONNECT), new Teams will soon be available on the Oxford Applications Installer. To find it, open the Windows Start Menu (bottom left of your screen), type Oxford Applications Installer and you should see new Teams.  

Useful Teams features available now

Did you know you can control how users see you in Teams meetings using the new options under the ‘View’ menu? We’ve discovered other things in Microsoft’s Teams roadmap which we think you’ll find useful as well:

Features rolling out soon

Keep an eye out for these additional features which we hope to see soon:

  • Forward chat messages from one chat to another  
  • ‘Specific People’ link generation in collaborative notes in Teams 
  • New gallery view mode in Teams meetings 
  • New and improved search experience changes in Teams chats and channels 

The Teams roadmap is still the best place to keep up to date with developments and find out what’s coming next, take a look.  

Teams training, help and advice

Any member of Oxford University can join the Nexus365 User Group (NUG) to find informal advice and stay up to date with Teams news, tips, tricks, quick-start guides and more.  

Information about how to get Teams help, advice and training is available on the IT Help website, IT Learning Centre and the Centre for Teaching and Learning websites. 

Did you know?

You can set up a super-quick survey, bullet list or other collaborative items using Microsoft Loop components in your Teams chats and Channels. Find out more about using Microsoft Loop in Teams