Teams features and updates

There are always lots of changes going on with Teams and usually something interesting to look forward to. This term is no different, with lots of developments to help us work better together.

A reminder about Stream Classic closing 

Microsoft is winding down Stream Classic. Access for uploading new Stream videos will be removed on 15 August 2023. If you want to keep videos currently stored in MS Stream, we recommend downloading them and saving them in another location before the final closure date of 15 February 2024.

More details about this service change will be released over the next few months. See Wind-Down and Closure of Microsoft Stream (Classic) for details about the closure and recommended actions to take.  

Teams features now available  

It’s felt quiet for a while, but Microsoft’s developers have continued releasing useful updates and features for Teams. Here are some that we think you might find interesting: 

  • Virtual Appointments are a new way to arrange Teams meetings with people outside of your organisation. Guests will receive an invitation including important appointment details to make joining easy from any device, with no need to install Teams.  
  • A new Presenter window has controls located at the top making active speakers’ faces clearly visible during screen sharing and raised hand notifications easier to see.  
  • Teams now suggests that users lower their raised hand after speaking. You can choose to keep your hand raised but if no action is taken, your hand will automatically be lowered making it easier for organisers and presenters to see who would still like to speak.  

  • The expanded view of profile cards lets users see a richer view of colleague’s profiles, including contact data, custom properties, and LinkedIn information. You can also choose to add more information about yourself (such as pronouns) to your profile card.  
  • Ultrasound howling detection is automatically switched on to reduce feedback loops (causing audio delays and echoes) in Teams meetings. The feature detects when users join a meeting in the same room and automatically mutes the microphone and speakers of those joining after someone with audio on.  
  • Users can permanently delete entire conversations from their view without affecting what others in the chat see.
  • A new app called 'search coach' is available, providing students with real-time coaching on how to form effective queries and identify reliable resources in a secure, ad-free search environment.  

Coming soon  

As always, more features and updates are planned by Microsoft - we hope to see these on our screens during the Summer.  

  • Teams will be able to save you time by suggesting files for one-to-one chats.   
  • Microsoft approved Teams devices will be able to start and stop sharing content directly (instead of via the ‘share’ icon/tray), making it quicker for presenters to share a Whiteboard, document, or video during a meeting. 
  • Speaker view in Teams meetings will automatically focus on the speaker (and co-presenters). 

  • A second video stream will be available with Teams content cameras. 
  • Time released emails for Webinar events will allow you to drip feed content to delegates.  
  • You will be able to block out time slots in Teams to show you as 'offline'.
  • Avatars are coming to Teams soon. 

Microsoft Loop will bring new ways to collaborate

Expanding on the Loop components already available in Teams channels and chats, Loop will be available as a separate web app based around the creation of workspaces, with content hosted in the workspace owner’s OneDrive. Stay tuned for more news about how to access the Microsoft Loop preview with your Nexus365 account join our NUGgets of Wisdom talk about Loop on 25 May 2023.

Remember to check the Teams roadmap if you want to find out more about Microsoft's plans.   

Teams training, help and advice 

Lots of information about how to get Teams help, advice and training is available on our IT Help website, IT Learning Centre and the Centre for Teaching and Learning websites.  

Don’t forget, any member of Oxford University can join the Nexus365 User Group (NUG) to stay up to date with Teams news, tips, tricks, quick-start guides and more - the joining code is LNJVOFR.   

Courses and workshops

  • Sign up for our new Bite-sized: OneDrive and Teams files course and learn tips for collaborating effectively. 
  • Join the next NUGgets of Wisdom talk on 25 May 2023 and find out all about the Microsoft Loop web app - Register your place
  • Keep an eye out future NUGgets of Wisdom talks - these will be advertised via our website events section and in the NUG.

Did you know?  

Did you know you can record, review and send short lightweight video messages using Teams?

Here’s how to send a video to your colleagues using Teams chat.