Teams features evolve

Did you know that during February this year you organised over 167,000 Teams meetings at Oxford University? These included nearly 110,000 one-to-one calls and over 40 million minutes of audio time!    

Developments and improvements in Teams continue at pace, so we thought we'd share a summary of some of the latest features we think you'll find interesting, and some we heard are coming soon.  

New features 

  • Meet now makes it much easier to add additional participants to a meeting with new Meet now links.  

  • Improvements to screen sharing features such as new presenter modes and better integration of ‘audience response’ during PowerPoint presentations.

Coming soon 

  • Webinar support is coming very soon, offering the chance to produce professional webinars for business and teaching, bringing more features to Teams for smoother presentations, lectures and ‘show and tell’ sessions.  
  • Insights tab is coming in March/April. Add the tab to your Team to show things your team would like. This feature uses Delve - a powerful way to show search results and documents for content you own or that is shared with you, focusing on content you access and edit the most.  
  • Improved transcription will be rolled out soon.  
  • Integration between Outlook and Teams will allow you to easily share discussions.  
  • A new meeting recap feature will bring all the assets together for your meeting, including the transcript and analytics. 
  • Participant reports will be altered to allow reports to be generated after meetings (not during) to capture a proper reflection of attendees. No timings yet but a substantial improvement. 
  • Teams and Teams Live Events will merge into a single platform to making it easier for users to move seamlessly between features, with automatic scaling of meetings to suit the participant numbers. 
  • Teams membership is increasing to 25,000 to accommodate larger groups  
  • Standard Teams meeting attendee numbers will be raised to 1000. 
  • A much more powerful search function will soon be available with much greater capability. 

Teams training, help and advice 

To learn more, you can join one of our courses, instructor-led or on LinkedIn Learning. Find out what's on at the IT Learning Centre – just search for ‘Teams’ in the course listing. You’ll find Techniques for teaching with Teams courses, and more. 

Any member of Oxford University can join the Nexus365 User Group (NUG) and ask questions or see the latest Teams news. You'll also find tips, tricks, quick start guides and more. It’s easy to join: 

  • In Teams, go to 'Join or create a team' (at the bottom of your Teams list) 

  • Select 'Join a team with a code' and type in LNJVOFR 

  • Click 'Join team' and you're in! 

Top tip 

Join the NUG (info above) to see the excellent Q&A section and latest announcements - you are not alone out there!