New Teaching Management System (TMS) is now live

Information Custodians and office admin staff in colleges and departments have had access to the system since mid-August to set up tutors and teaching arrangements.

TMS can be accessed by clicking on the login button on the TMS page on the Academic Support website, although you can only log in after you have been authorised. Tutors and other staff will be notified individually by their college and/or department when they have been authorised to access TMS.

OxCORT has now been set to read-only mode, but will remain available until the end of Trinity term 2022 in order to view historic reports and data.

Features of TMS

TMS serves both colleges and departments, providing a common system for academic staff and undergraduate students, and greater visibility of teaching provided to undergraduate students across the University.

Key features include:

  • Managing college and department teaching across multiple teaching types, such as classes, revision, and practicals
  • Allowing tutors to record and submit teaching hours easily, whether for a group of students or for an individual student
  • Providing students with easy access to academic reports
  • Calculating incoming and outgoing payments for tutors, colleges, and departments
  • Publishing department teaching arrangements (classes) for student self-sign-up
  • Allowing tutors and students to view all their own teaching arrangements
  • Tracking teaching hours against college and department stints
  • Management reporting

Help using TMS

We are providing support and training for TMS in a number of formats:

1. Self-Help guidance

Tutors and office administrators will be able to access searchable and accessible in-built, digital Self-Help guidance while using TMS. This means there is no need to stop work mid-task to access training separately: instead, you can click on a button in the same screen and view step-by-step guidance.

2. Information guides

PDF guidance documents are available for tutors and office administrators, in departments and colleges, from the Guidance and support page on the TMS website.

3. Videos for tutors

Three videos will help get tutors up and running with TMS. These are also available on the Guidance and support page on the TMS website.

Further information

For more information about TMS, please visit the TMS web pages or email the TMS project.