Self-service training data reporting

The IT Learning Centre (ITLC) is excited to share a new service: Self-Service Training Data Reports. Aimed at people with legitimate interests in training data, such as departmental administrators or Athena Swan Coordinators, the service enables approved staff to access training data and produce bespoke reports and analysis. 

There is a simple, managed approval process to gain access. Once approved, users can view and export training data on demand via Power BI. This replaces the previous inefficient process of administrators making multiple support calls to multiple training providers with requests for data. The dataset is also better suited to Oxford's use cases because it combines data from CoSy, LinkedIn Learning, Human Resources and Student Systems. 

ITLC thanks members of the Programme and Project Delivery Group and the Data Reporting, Architecture and Modelling team (both IT Services) for their key role developing the infrastructure and governance of this new service. 

"A game changer for our office" 

In January, ITLC ran a pilot to test the service and data quality. The service went live in June and already has over 100 users. Feedback so far is indicating that this service is already transformative for users: 

  • “A game changer for our office” 
  • “I do not have to spend so long chasing members of staff...a massive thank you :)”  
  • ‘Simple to request...easy to grasp’  
  • “Incredibly useful for Athena Swan work...and HR processes more generally”  
  • “A great improvement on the previous options”  

Getting access to the service

To gain access, you will need to complete a quick IT Self Service request. Just search for ‘training data’ and the form will appear.

Our Self-Service Training Data Reports webpages have more information about the service, including who is eligible for access and the types of access and available reports. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please email the IT Learning Centre.