Transforming collaboration across Oxford

With the migration of email and calendaring to Nexus365, we've also rolled out Teams, one of the fastest growing collaboration environments Microsoft has ever released.

The University now has nearly 700 active Teams spread across various units and departments, covering a wide variety of collaborative uses from project management to document authoring, messaging and communication to arranging and holding virtual meetings.

Teams is also supported by many other useful Nexus365 tools such as Microsoft Forms (which can be applied to custom lists created within Teams), Microsoft Planner (a simple task management tool to keep track of project tasks and activities) and Microsoft OneDrive (which can be used as a source for user documents shared within Teams channels).

Your department or unit can request the creation of a Team by contacting your local ITSS representative or University Administration Services staff.

Our IT Learning Centre also offers a chance to learn about Microsoft Teams, showcasing the product itself and getting you ‘hands-on’ with the most commonly used Nexus365 tools. To find out more about Teams, just search for ‘Nexus365’ in the course booking system to find relevant courses.  Here are links to a couple of handy courses to get you started:

Microsoft Teams is constantly evolving, with many new enhancements and features scheduled for the 365 2019 Roadmap.  Keep an eye on the IT Services website for information about these features as we bring them online at Oxford.

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