Local IT support for UAS

From February 2024, our new UAS IT Support team, Roger Hughes (IT Support Lead) and Kat Baylie (IT Officer), will be available to handle local IT support needs within UAS. 

This marks the beginning of a transition phase where Roger and Kat will undergo comprehensive training, getting acquainted with colleagues, understanding operational priorities, and developing business-aware problem-solving skills to assist UAS sections in maximising their IT facilities. This transition period is crucial in preparing them to efficiently manage and resolve UAS IT requests.

How the team will help UAS 

The team's availability for support will extend beyond traditional IT services to address specific UAS needs effectively. Roger and Kat will be available for tasks such as:   

  • IT setups for new senior officers and simplifying the staff on-boarding experience 
  • Planning office moves and changes to ways of working 
  • IT issues that fall outside of IT Services’ shared service portfolio, or require coordination across multiple areas 
  • Working out IT-based solutions to meet business needs, including guidance around use of Outlook, Excel and SharePoint 
  • Supporting Information Security at a local level including advising on foreign travel 
  • Advising on sensitive support matters including local response to security incidents 

Accessing assistance

Members of staff in UAS don’t need to do anything differently: get in touch with the central IT Service Desk by our usual phone number (01865 (6) 12345) or online forms through IT Self Service - your call will be routed through to our UAS support team if this is the best way to meet your needs. The team will be available during normal office hours, and issues reported by phone outside these times will continue to be picked up by our out-of-hours service. 

The new team provides dedicated capacity and will develop expertise across a wide range of technologies to become a reliable one-stop shop for IT support calls that have been hard to resolve in the past. In addition to covering gaps in support for UAS, this enables us to refocus existing support time back on staff and students in departments and colleges. 

Building relationships with your trusted IT partners

Prepare for an upcoming period of activity as Roger and Kat gear up for their engagement with UAS sections. They’ll be focussing on getting to know the staff, understanding how you use IT, and figuring out how to make your IT use experience smoother. The initial phase is all about building strong communications and tailoring our support to fit seamlessly into diverse UAS operations. Full-scale support operations will follow, aiming to ensure a thorough understanding of the UAS IT landscape before proceeding at full capacity.