University of Oxford eDocuments Service launching in the summer

The Degree Conferrals Office (DCO) and IT Services are launching the University of Oxford eDocuments Service over the summer vacation. This will allow students and alumni to view their degree certificates and transcripts online. The service also provides a secure online verification service so that third parties, such as universities, employers and governments, can verify the degree status of students and alumni.

This new service expands on the interim system for digital degree confirmation letters (dDCLs) set up during the pandemic, when access to certificate printers was not possible, to also offer degree certificates, diploma supplements and digitally verified transcripts.

When your degree is conferred, in person or in absence, you will continue to receive a paper certificate but will also be able to access an electronic version. All transcripts will now be electronic.

A new charging model is being introduced: instead of paying per document re-print, students and alumni will pay a one-off registration fee, and all electronic documents requested after that will be provided at no extra cost.

The new University of Oxford eDocuments Service will be quicker, more convenient and, in most cases, cheaper than the pre-pandemic system, where students and alumni had to pay for each re-print of a document, plus courier or postage fees.

For more information about the University of Oxford eDocuments Service, please visit the Digital Award Documentation project website.