Using video in teaching and learning

Video is becoming more and more important in getting messages to audiences, whether for creating instructional short videos, or for teaching complex subjects that perhaps require slides and illustrations.  Many people think it’s too much trouble, too expensive, or takes too long, but this is not necessarily the case!

Our Rapid Video set-up is easy to use, inexpensive, and you can create professional quality videos in a very short amount of time.  The system is simple to use and interlinked with the University’s Lecture Capture system using Panopto – this means that staff and students can access and edit videos easily from anywhere after creation.

​With the use of our studio ‘green screen’, lecturers can also create interactive presentations where they appear inside the presentation.  This can also be useful for training videos, online presentations, guest lecturers, feedback videos or focused content creation.

Worried about security? All recordings are secured behind the University’s SSO, unless you publish them elsewhere.

Get in touch with for more information, and book time to create your video.  Our digital video production web page also has useful information about this and other video production services.​