WebLearn decommissioning update - December 2021

For the latest information, please see this WebLearn decommissioning update from September 2022


Use of WebLearn will be wound down between December 2021 and July 2022, at which point usage of WebLearn will be severely restricted for general use and only very specific uses will continue. We plan to effectively end the service at the beginning of

If you are currently using WebLearn for any on-going activities, you must move this activity to an alternative platform by July 2022.

What should I use instead of WebLearn? 

This depends on what you are using WebLearn for. This WebLearn Overview page lists the most common uses of WebLearn, with suggested alternatives.

What's happening next?

The first step we are taking to limit use of WebLearn is to withdraw the following features:

  • Creation of polls, chat sessions, email lists and syllabus
  • Sending email messages from WebLearn using the Messages tool
  • Using news feeds (RSS) in WebLearn

If you need to continue using these tools between now and July 2022, you can re-enable their use, but this will only be a short-term solution.

Getting help

  • For colleges using WebLearn who want to move to SharePoint Online, please contact your local IT support in the first instance
  • For support switching from WebLearn to Canvas, email the Canvas team
  • For any other information about WebLearn, please contact the Education IT Programme

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