Business Change Manager (Development Role)

The Business Change Manager works in the Programme and Project Delivery Group (PPDG) within IT Services and is line managed by a Grade 9 Business Change Manager. The role of PPDG is to deliver IT projects effectively and professionally, to bring business benefits to our stakeholders across the University through enhanced use of technology and improved business processes. The group is comprised of Programme and Project Managers, Business Analysts, Testers, Business Change Managers, Implementation Officers and Communications Officers, who work closely with other groups within IT Services and with our customers. The PPDG operates under a matrix management system with staff assigned to one or more projects, working in project delivery teams led by Project or Programme Managers for project work.

The role of the Business Change Manager is to ensure that the impact of change initiatives across the collegiate University are understood by all stakeholders, and that those impacted by the change (both staff and students) are supported and prepared to adopt new ways of working. They ensure that changes to business processes, systems, technology and ongoing support structures are embedded and sustained in order to deliver the desired business outcomes.

At a project level, they will be directed by either a Grade 9 Business Change Manager or a Project Manager, and will work alongside other business change staff who are working on the project (such as Communication Officers and Trainers). They will initially be assigned to smaller, less complex projects. This role is positioned as a development position for staff new to business change. With proven experience, they will progress to the Grade 9 Business Change Manager position.

Essential selection criteria

  • Understanding of the processes involved in introducing technology-related business changes to an organisation
  • Proven experience in a change management role (such as implementation officer, communications officer, transition manager)
  • Proven negotiation skills and interpersonal fluency, able to establish and maintain strong relationships and relate confidently to users at all levels  
  • Previous experience in working effectively as part of a wider team
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and active listening skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; able to communicate with technical staff as well as business users and stakeholders at all levels
  • Knowledge and experience of communications planning and delivery to support change initiatives, and able to clearly articulate messages to a wide variety of audiences

Desirable selection criteria

  • Experience of working in a higher education institution or similar non-commercial organisation
  • Understanding of the management structures, politics and culture of the University
  • The ability to bring order to complex situations and maintain focus on the project / programme objectives
  • Proven ability to manage, plan and take responsibility for a range of tasks involving interaction with, and the co-operation of, business and IT people
  • Risk management skills
  • Experience in line management and staff development