Events, lectures and recording

Our recommended tools and services for online events, lectures and recording are outlined below and include links to more detailed 'how to' advice and guidance. 

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As well as for chatting and collaborating on documents, Teams is great for online meetings. Teams meetings, with all the features you use every day, can accommodate up to 300 delegates and will automatically move to being a Teams live event if that number is exceeded. Lots of advice and guidance is available on the IT Help website, but here's our getting started with Teams page as a starting point.

Teams webinars

Teams webinars are very similar to Teams meetings, but with additional control over features including the ability to require registration if you wish. You can also use the 'lobby' feature for delegates and guests. We've published top tips on running webinars in Teams, which is a great starting point for this useful resource.

Teams live events

While most of the time a Teams meeting or webinar will be just what you need, from time-to-time Oxford members will want to hold large events (over 300 delegates). Microsoft Teams live events are an extension of Teams meetings enabling you to schedule, produce and broadcast meetings to large online audiences, up to 10,000. 

Panopto (Replay)

Panopto (known as the Replay Lecture Capture service at Oxford), is the system used widely across the University by staff for recording lectures and creating online teaching materials such as videos and screen recordings. It is used for asynchronous video communication and can be accessed by students through the Canvas virtual learning environment (VLE).  

Live streaming

If your event needs to reach a wider audience than just Oxford, the webcast streaming service offered by our Educational Media Services (EMS) could help. The team provides a live professionally filmed video stream of your event or conference on the internet for a global public audience. Find out more about the live streaming service at Oxford.


Canvas is Oxford University's virtual learning environment (VLE). A number of the above tools can be used with Canvas to create a great learning environment. Advice for getting the most out of Canvas is available on the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) website.