Artificial intelligence past, present and future

An introduction to the world of artificial intelligence for the uninitiated. We will cover the history of the subject, giving some context as to how we got to where we are today, some of the incredible recent advancements and what some of the possible AI futures may be. In the process we will talk about biases inherent in AI, questions of ethics, and questions of AI safety. We will together discuss some of the implications of AI and how we feel about an AI-centric future. We may share what our hopes as well as our fears are. This course does not require any background in computer science, but just an enquiring mind, and a desire to know a little more about this exploding universe of possibilities.

Intended audience: Students and staff who are wondering what AI means and why it matters

Level: Beginner

Date and time: Wednesday 24 April 2024: 1-3pm

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