Apple iPad workshops

These popular free workshops are back and several dates are available this term. Book your place to learn how to make the most from your tech. Log into the course booking system and search for 'Apple' to find dates and booking links for all iPad courses. The following workshops are currently being run:

  • Curating online resources on your iPad: How can we organise all the great resources we see online? Using simple tools on the iPad, we can bookmark and find resources for use again. To collect, organise, we will explore tools, such as, Wakelet and Flipboard. Collaboration is a key part of finding and sharing, so we see how we can work together to curate new collections.
  • Getting more from your iPad: Do you use an iPad, but think you could get more out of it? There are many tools and features of the iPad that can help us in our daily lives. We will look at the built-in iPad settings and Accessibility tools. We see how they can enable our use of the technology to be more effective.
  • iPad for beginners: Are you new to using the Apple iPad? Would you like to use it in your learning? An introduction for staff and students new to using the Apple iPad. We will explore the built-in features and look at how they can be used for learning.
  • Note writing using the iPad: How can we capture your lectures and tutorials? Using Microsoft OneNote, you can write notes using drawing or typing. The information can be organised quickly and you can collaborate with your colleagues.
  • Podcasting on the iPad using Anchor: What is a Podcast? We will introduce Podcasting on the iPad and look at examples. We will explore the Notes and Voice recorder tools, to capture your ideas. Then use the Anchor app to record a podcast. Finally, we will consider the distribution of the podcast.
  • Using your iPad to create short videos for social media: How can you combine photos and videos into an exciting, short video? How could this video be shared on Social Media? Using Apple Clips, we will create a short video. This will include adding titles and labels to the video and also, subtitles. We will look at examples on Social Media and consider how to share your creations.

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