Building with AI @Oxford: Meet up

Join this meet up aimed at bringing together people from all over Oxford who are interested in using the current generation of AI tools (LLMs) to build tools or prototypes for research, teaching or supporting academic practice in general. 

Who is it for? 

We hope to bring together likeminded people who want to share practices and ideas and maybe develop joint projects. This meet up is for anybody who is interested in using Large Language Models, prototyping or building something bigger! 

If you’ve used an API from one of the model providers or even run a local model, if you’ve heard about Llama, Langchain or have an account on OpenAI Playground, this meet up is for you.  

You don’t have to be a developer or an AI expert, but you should have an interest in AI beyond just ChatGPT or experimenting with one of the new GPTs just announced by OpenAI.  

Call for contributions 

We also want to get a better sense of what is going out there and if we can speak with one voice. We want to hear from you, so if you have some experience in building with AI or just have some ideas you want to explore or share, please submit a two-sentence proposal for a lightning talk (5 mins).  

When and where?

Date: Thursday 7 December (15:00 -17:00)

Place: In person in central Oxford (location TBC)

Sign upRegistration and lightning talk proposal 

Refreshments will be provided.


  • Introduction and scene setting: 15 min 
  • Getting to know each other: 30 min 
  • Lightning talks: 45 min 
  • Planning the future: 30 min 
  • Social: Join us at a pub after